The first of the single hop series exhibits intense tangelo flavour, and aroma, with a dry bitter finish. 

ABV: 5.8% IBUS: 66 EBC: 12



Notes of grape, gooseberry and grapefruit with that dry, bitter finish. A beautiful hop indeed.

ABV: 5.9% IBUS: 66 EBC: 12


So much Mango and Pappaya going on with some grassiness underpinning the fruit. Getting progressively stronger these IPAs and the malt body is benefiting from it. 

ABV 6.2% IBUS 66 EBC 12


An interesting new hop from the American Dwarf Hop Association.  Characteristics of dried apricot, mango, and a unique earthiness I've not found elsewhere. Excellent bittering hop potential. 

ABV 6.4% IBUS 66+ EBC 12


A beautiful hop hailing from Australia. Notes of Passionfruit, stone fruit and all round tropical goodness. A personal favourite.

ABV 6.2% IBUS 66 EBC 12


Originally emanating from Japan, SA is lemony with an almost savoury like herbal note often identified as dill like. A love it or hate it hop.

ABV 6% IBUS 66 EBC 12


No need to introduce this hop really, but here we go anyway. The elusive Citra is aptly named down to it's prominent flavour of citrus fruits. Simply one of the best, and most sought after, hops out there.

ABV 6.2% IBUS 66 EBC 12


Another new hop from the American Dwarf Hop Association. Born out of the Saaz family and loaded with almost every hop descriptor you might come across. It's literally Menthal, Herbal, Pine with some subtle tropical fruit in the background. Good bittering potential too.

ABV 6.2% IBUS 66+ EBC 12


A favorite hop of mine for its bittering qualities, but also epic notes of pine, curry leaf and even a faint tinge of liquorice. t's in the tank and getting dry hopped as we speak! 

6.2% IBUS 66 EBC 12


An English Variety for a change! Supposed to be American in nature with Tropical citrus fruits poking their way through. We'll see!