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Named after local neolithic tombs, Three Hills Brewing is a garage nano-brewery based in Woodford, Northamptonshire.

Our mission is to produce high quality, innovative and experimental small-batch beers for those who love to explore. Rather than reproducing the same beers, we focus on creating a new recipe every time to keep things interesting.

When we say small batch, we mean it: whether it's IPA, Saison, Stout, Wheat or unhopped gruit, our 225L batches allow us to brew with love and creativity. The result is truly unique, limited edition beers. 

If you're ever in our area on a Saturday, pop by for a taste from the tanks, and to experience what may be the world's shortest brewery tour. We'd be happy to see you, and to share our latest creation. 


Four mainstay beer styles make up the core: Pale, Amber, Dark and Single Hop IPA.  Recipes change from batch to batch making each brew a one-off, unique, limited edition.


Different beers are better suited for different seasons. Three hills brews accordingly creating special seasonal beers in  three part series'.

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