An easy-going drink Pale Ale. Sessionable, light and refreshing with floral, earthy hop notes balanced by a solid malt backbone.

MALT: Maris otter, Munich 2, Carapils

HOPS: Ahtanum, Columbus, Waimea

ABV: 4.8% IBUS: 34 EBC: 9.8


Heidrun #2 Only available in Keg. Slightly more complex hop schedule and a change of yeast strain. Future Heidrun's will be hoppier and fuller bodied.

MALT: Maris otter, Munich 2, Carapils

HOPS: Ahtanum, Columbus, Waimea, Nelson Sauvin, Pilgrim

ABV: 4.3% IBUS: 34 EBC: 9.8


Became the India Red Ale. As a result of a change in the malt supplier, the beer was much darker than expected and extract efficiency increased significantly. The beer was latter dry hopped.

MALT: Maris otter, Crystal 240, Carapils

HOPS: Mosiac, Columbus, Nelson Sauvin,

ABV: 5.7% IBUS: 50 EBC: 23.6


'Hoppinthemash' saw a change in the hop combination, a refined malt bill and an addition of galaxy hops added into the mash.  

MALT: Maris otter, Wheat, Carapils, Biscuit

HOPS: Azacca, Columbus, Galaxy, Pilgrim

ABV: 5.5% IBUS: 31 EBC: 9.8


Used a 3 hop combo and was brewed without bittering hops.

MALT: Maris otter, Munich, Vienna, Carapils

HOPS: Chinook, Columbus, Pacific Jade

ABV: 5.5% IBUS: 45 EBC: 7.9


A complete change to the malt bill with Munich and Vienna becoming the sole base malts adding a little extra colour to this brew. Carapils, wheat and oats provide some extra body and head retention. Hop-wise a new hop combo lends a subtler bitterness and more tropical fruit.

MALT: Vienna, Carapils, Munich, Wheat

HOPS: Chinook, Galaxy, Citra

ABV: 4.8% IBUS: 37 EBC: 13.7